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STEAM 10 project was both a great experience and a new challenge for me. Even though I started my project in the second semester, I still could complete my experiments and work with great confidence and satisfying result. Thanks to Mr. Ball (my mentor), I was provided with this great equipment (PASCO Mechanics -Statics System ME-9502) that I used to do my experiments related to momentum, force, and energy. With Georgia B. (EWS ’19), we met every Wednesday in the morning for an hour to do the experiments.

It was such a great opportunity for us to explore the topics that we learned in AP Physics class, for deeper understanding and made closer observations. I developed my ability to make hypothesis and answer questions on lab reports, and make good observations through various experiments. I really enjoyed doing the experiments with my partner -it was a new type of experience for me.

The first challenge was that the equipment we used was extremely precise, so we often got results that were contradicting our hypothesis. However, the results were consistent enough which still made us easy to observe the scientific concepts behind the topic.

Another challenge was the presentation at the end of the year. It was challenging for me to gather all the datas for various experiments I’ve done so far, and it was hard for me to choose which topic to focus on for the presentation among all the topics. However, I was satisfied with the result and my presentation (because it was my first time in my life to present my work without having any scripts in front of me).

I wish to do something similar again next year, with better work and quality. I now have the confidence in science labs, and I now know that I can do a better work in the future.